Customized Research and Market Forecasts

Conditions of cooperation

Organisation of works on a project

All work on the project "Metal Expert Consulting" performs on the basis of technical specifications agreed upon with the customer.

For each project "Metal Expert Consulting" forms the project team. The composition of the project team can change depending on the stage of job. At each stage we involve our experienced and qualified experts, for whom the issues addressed at this stage are the core competence.

Final results of the work are presented in the form of a text report with statistical applications in spreadsheet format. The set of final documents also includes a compact presentation of the main results of the research.

Prices and payment

Assessment of the project value is based on a cost of proposed work, which is calculated based on “Metal Expert Consulting” standards.

As a rule, the work shall be paid by the Customer in several stages:

● a down payment – agreed part of the contract price;

● interim payments - in accordance with the timetable laid down in the contract;

● final payment after acceptance of performed work by the customer and design of the act.

Work on the project begins on the next day after the down payment have been received on “Metall Expert” account.

Sides responsibilities

All reported materials and other products developed in frames of the project are the property of the Customer.

All data reported to Customer is provided only for informational purposes. "Metal Expert Consulting" shall not be liable for any actions taken by the Customer on the basis of these data.

Confidential information obtained in the course of providing services is not opened to the third parties under any circumstances. The data published in public sources is not concidered as a confidential information , as well as data that were not directed by one party in official letter marked "Confidential" at the request of the other party.

"Metal Expert Consulting" has a right to refer on the customer in their presentation materials, with the exception of cases the cases, about when Customer reported to the Customer written notice.

Ask experts

Our experts will:

● clarify and detail the problem,

● help to make specification of research

● prepare proposal on cooperation with the estimation of necessary expenses

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