Customized Research and Market Forecasts

Information and analysis system to support marketing decisions

Metal Expert Consulting offers information and methodology support as well as a set of tools essential for regular monitoring of the market for steel products and metallurgical raw materials and makes it possible to determine and assess promising market segments (niches), optimize the market strategy and manage the product mix.

Our decisions are fully adapted to meet the Customer’s specific requirements and are based on long-term experience of analytical work and research carried out by Metal Expert Consulting for the key mining and metallurgical companies. The methodological foundation includes the best experience in operational and strategic marketing.

The model of interrelated markets forms the basis for the offered system, enabling regular performance of the following tasks:

● continuous monitoring of market conditions and participants: accumulation and analysis of data on producers and suppliers (location, product range, capacities, volumes, prices, production costs, relations with consumers), consumers (location, industry, products in demand, volumes, relations with producers), government control measures;

● estimate (forecast) of achievable sales volumes by separately considered regional and product segments, producers, depending on the expected environment (the GDP, industry rise/demand dynamics, prices for products, imports, etc.);

● online analytical processing of the forecast and actual data, multiple-criteria comparison of alternative strategies of market behaviour and search for optimal decisions in terms of profits and costs;

● adaptation of the applied assessment methodology to new conditions, new players and products.

A number of factors can be allowed for due to use of the model, including:

● macroeconomic indicators;

● development of consuming industries and suppliers;

● influence of related markets and substitutes.

The model is tuned to the Customer’s specific requirements, which are reflected in the used analysis classifiers, time parameters (discontinuity, horizons), forecast and estimate algorithms. Metal Expert Consulting can provide information support and assist the Customer through use of the model.

Functionality of the model can be actualized by using a wide range of computing platforms, with access to different sources of updatable data being possible.

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