Customized Research and Market Forecasts

Conceptual project research

Typical research structure

● review and assessment of target markets

● forecast estimate of sales volumes

● analysis of raw and other materials procurement options

● review of possible technology and equipment configuration options

● preparation of a conceptual scheme of material resource flows

● analysis of the operational cost structure and estimate of production costs

● research of the project scalability through analysis of mutual influence of capital expenditures, estimate of capital expenditures under the project for the options reviewed (accuracy of about 35%)

● estimate of sales margin and calculation of the net value of the project, other indicators for each option of a particular capacity and operational costs incurred during the project implementation

● recommendations concerning the choice between project implementation options based on market and economic assessments


● basic idea about the project and its main features

● preliminary assessment of the main features for different project implementation options

● grounds for the Customer to make a decision on whether the project is interesting or not (can be used as part of an investment memorandum)

Ask expert

Our experts will:

● specify details of the problem and goal setting

● help to draw up statement of work (or research specification)

● prepare cooperation proposals with estimate of necessary expenses

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