Customized Research and Market Forecasts

Informational and analytical support for commercial negotiations

Based on statement of work (specification) agreed with the Customer

Work structure

● expertise of commercial offers and contracts, recommendations about the choice of partners based on the following assessments

- assessment of essential conditions of a commercial offer in comparison with possible alternatives

- expert assessment of risks associated with the commercial offer

● recommendations concerning essential conditions that must be included in a contract

- logistic schemes and possible partners

- volumes and time frame

- prices, regulation regarding price revision, payment form and schedule, discounts, surcharges, fines

● quick preparation of market information and analysis necessary for negotiation process


● quick provision of marketing information, analysis, independent expertise necessary for establishing and implementing a reasonable position during negotiations

Ask expert

Our experts will:

● specify details of the problem and goal setting

● help to draw up statement of work (or research specification)

● prepare cooperation proposals with estimate of necessary expenses

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