Customized Research and Market Forecasts


Activities researched

● production

● international trade: export and import

● domestic trade: producers’ shipments, distribution, processing services

● consumption: by sectors, by regions

● cash flow and investment management

Commodities researched

● raw materials (coal, coke, ore, scrap) and ferro-alloys, pig iron

● semi-finished products: slab, square billet

● long products: rebar, wire rod, sections, stainless products

● flat products: hot- and cold-rolled sheets, hot-rolled plates, coated products, tinplate, stainless products

● steel pipes and tubes: welded and seamless products, stainless products

● goods made from steel products: hardware, metal structures, etc.

Regions researched

● Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries

● Western and Eastern Europe

● Turkey and the Middle East

● China, India, SE Asia

● North and South America

● North Africa


Ask expert

Our experts will:

● specify details of the problem and goal setting

● help to draw up statement of work (or research specification)

● prepare cooperation proposals with estimate of necessary expenses

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