Customized Research and Market Forecasts


Metal Expert Consulting provides quality recourse, organisation and technology support for a project in every aspect within the specified time framework and presents the results to the Customer

Basic principles behind project organization:

partnership with the Customer - collaboration and regular contact with the Customer’s representatives

qualified project team - experienced specialists get involved, each of them working in the core competence area

effective project management technology - the project schedule includes check-points and regular reports on the project status

Typical work streams under a consulting project:

data collection - all available sources are used, with assessment of their quality carried out. The polling is greatly facilitated by the large network of contacts at different levels in the reviewed segments as well as the steady stream of market information and economic statistics that our regular analytical reports are based on

data assessment and interpretation - the long experience in monitoring the information sources involved enables reasonable assessment and interpretation of the data that the sources provide

forecasting - situational modelling and expert forecasting are used. Our forecasting models combine statistical processing of the data received, factor analysis and scenario approach

economic calculations and estimates - the full range of up-to-date tools and standards of economic and investment analysis are used

recommendations - the basis is not only the results of the poll among market players, of market statistics and models, but also estimates by experienced and qualified experts who well know all the essential peculiarities about industry and corporate issues

Ask expert

Our experts will:

● specify details of the problem and goal setting

● help to draw up statement of work (or research specification)

● prepare cooperation proposals with estimate of necessary expenses

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