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Research of Russian market for quality long products

In 2013-2014 Metal Expert Consulting has conducted a number of researches of Russian market for long products, including the segment of quality longs – rounds and bars used in machine-building, high-carbon and tire cord wire rods as well as special profiles, etc.

The subject of research has been getting increasingly important due to changes taking place in Russian steel product market in recent years, that is the decrease in prices and tightening of competition in the segments for standard long products (rebar, sections and other carbon steel products) amid launch of new capacities producing light and medium sections and bars.

As a result, a growing number of companies get interested in manufacturing higher added-value products to diversify and expand sales and markets. Even more importantly, this will enable to better serve the growing Russian market, which allows bigger margins and offers much space in terms of import replacement.

According to Metal Expert Consulting, in 2013 the capacity of Russian market for quality long products amounted to 2.2 million t, of which 2/3 were bars used in machine-building (mostly round bars) and 25% - high-carbon wire rod, including tire cord wire rod.

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