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Forecast steel consumption in Russia in 2015

On November 10, Moscow hosted the XVII International Conference "Russian Metal and Steel Market".

Metal Expert Consulting presentation: "Forecast of consumption of steel in Russia: independent experts’ opinion".

Key points:

1. Sound marketing strategy rather than investment is more relevant for the domestic players. Expansion of its market share promises the highest value return at the moment.

2. Export markets should be used in order to maintain financial stability and strengthen the internal positions. Revenue in hard currency once again becomes a significant competitive advantage for integrated companies.

3. Use a period of capital flight for the acquisition of cheap but promising assets. Transactions conducted on the "bottom" of the market, will provide the highest returns, even if the asset is to be sold later.

4. Interaction with the state on stimulating consuming industries. The experience of 2008-09 years shows that during the crisis stimulation measures are the most effective and probable.

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