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North African steel market

The report contains analysis and forecast of the North African steel & steel products market.

The countries under research are: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and Morocco.

The products under research are: steel slab and billet, hot-rolled sheet and coil, hot-rolled plate, cold-rolled sheet and coil, coated products, rebar, wire rod, and sections.

Considered consuming industries include energy, construction, mechanical engineering, automotive, shipbuilding, domestic appliances, tubes & pipes.

Annual indices of the North African countries’ markets have been observed since 2000, the forecast was made for 2010-2015.

This report is distinguished from analogs by presence of production, trade and consumption data by product in the concerned countries, producers’ capacity expansion plans for each product, reasonable forecast of the markets’ prospects, and highlighting of the most attractive markets for each product supplies.

The report consists of five sections. In the first section “Economic forecast for the region as a whole and for each country” the countries’ economic circumstances and prospects are considered. In addition steel consumption is analyzed in conjunction with key macroeconomic indices.

The structure of steel product production and consumption is specified in the second section “Steel and steel product output and consumption, in the region as a whole and in each country”. Steel producers of each country are represented in details. Their expansion (modernization) plans are considered. The dynamics and forecast of steel & steel products production and consumption are given.

The third section “Foreign trade balance and forecast of changes in market balance, for the region as a whole and for each country” contains analysis and forecast of the countries’ trade balance for each product under research.

The fourth section “Analysis and forecast of steel product consumption by industries, for the region as a whole and for each country” includes estimate of steel product consumption structure by industries specified above. All the consuming industries with high demand and growth potential are described in details for each country, and the major consumers are specified. The forecast of the consumption growth is made for each industry and country.

Section five “Analysis and forecast of steel product consumption, for the region as a whole and for each country” contains dynamics and forecast of consumption and net import by product for each country. Countries with strong demand for flat and long products are defined. Steel products of high potential demand growth are highlighted.

Used information sources are Metal Expert, customs statistics, companies’ and associations’ news and reports.

The report contains 102 pages, 101 tables and 40 charts.

The report language is English.

Detailed information about the research (Download)

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