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Russian metallurgy: current state and development forecast of steelmaking capacities

Vladimir Terlovoi , deputy director of Metal Expert Consulting, participated in II All-Russia conference Wire-Hardware held on 12-13 September 2013 in Orel, with the report “Russian metallurgy: current state and development forecast of steelmaking capacities”.

Key issues of the report:

– Growth of steel product consumption in Russia is due to construction industry only;

– Key investments into Russian steel industry – construction of mini-mills;

– Demand for steel products is expected to grow annually by 5-6% on average, which is a necessary condition for the development of Russia’s economy in general;

– The market is at its turning point as it is facing an oversupply in short- and medium term;

– Market players have to quickly respond to changes, using reliable information and unbiased estimates of market perspectives;

– Russia’ steelmaking industry’s success in the global market will to a great extent depend on adequacy of estimates as to the global market development perspectives as well as on the efficiency of raw materials usage.


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